Working with a cultural icon to change the game

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The Challenge

Everyone knows Monopoly. More than 90% of households own at least one version of the game. But the game first played in 1936 needed to gain a foothold in the 2023 social sphere.

The Insight

The brand’s new “All is Fair in Monopoly” campaign gave us a chance to break through on TikTok. You become someone else when you play Monopoly. We wanted to show what that can look like for players of all kinds.

The Solution

Enter: Monopoly Alter Egos. We created conversations between normal folks (the players) and the opulent, villainous characters they become when they play Monopoly. In a mix of organic, sponsored, and influencer content, we brought new personas to life, and let TikTok’s funniest creators tell their own stories of what happens when they play. 


With less than two months from concept to launch, we created a series of six videos introducing the Alter Egos and setting the scene for the campaign. We filmed six original videos on a green screen in a studio with actors and floated AI generated images behind them to highlight their opulent lives. We edited and animated the original content for TikTok. Then, we turned it over to the creators and let them do their thing. To enrich the experience and get users involved, we designed and implemented a head-bob quiz filter and launched it with creator Chris Olsen (12M followers+).

The Results

From launch to date, this campaign targeted 22.5M+ followers and generated 43M+ views, 128K+ engagements, and 4.9K+ total saves and shares. ​​In addition to the six original creative assets produced by Fuseideas, we partnered with 11 Macro to VIP creators, who brought their creative spin to the concept and contributed to the results. A total of 17 assets developed and trafficked in two months brought this campaign to life.