Earth Shoes

Where on Earth R U?

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A smart strategy plus a great brand… what a perfect fit.

The Challenge

How do you take a shoe company that’s over 46 years old and position them as having the coolest most comfortable shoes on Earth? In a category more crowded than a fashionista’s closet, Earth Brands needed to reclaim their rightful place as the original innovator of comfort and style in women’s footwear.


The Solution

We stepped up to the challenge with strategic, creative and social media messaging that reintroduced the history of the brand and its creator, Anne Kalso. Her yoga background gave credibility to claims of comfort and the company’s devotion to design made a real difference to consumers. Paid social efforts garnered 14,243 total clicks to Earth’s website and 17,321 engagements with the ads, resulting in a 7.61% avg. CTR, reaching over 200K people. That put Earth Brands in a position to stride way ahead of the competition.