Happy Valley

Unlock your experience.

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Giving a cannabis brand with strong roots the key to an exciting experience.

Three Happy Valley posters on a street wall

The Challenge

Happy Valley is a growing premium cannabis brand based in Greater Boston, and 2022 was the first time cannabis brands were allowed to advertise at festivals. Our job was to raise their profile, amplify their “Unlock your experience” branding, and create an engaging presence at Boston’s biggest music festivals, Boston Calling and Levitate.

Submarine and UFO abduction posters from Happy Valley

The Insight

Embrace the experience. Happy Valley’s tag line and positioning is “Unlock your experience”, and the best way to unlock any experience is to join in the festivities. Just like the artists onstage, Happy Valley needed to feel like part of the Boston Calling and Levitate lineups.

Skeleton and octopus posters for Happy Valley

The Solution

To give the Happy Valley presence an exclusive feel, we created a complete Green Room experience. We built the footprint from scratch and brought some fun to the show with a mobile scavenger hunt. Concertgoers could enjoy a one-of-a-kind space that felt right at home at both Boston Calling and Levitate. Then there was the finishing touch.

We got to work creating gig posters that would give concertgoers a lifelong reminder of the experience that Happy Valley unlocked. The posters lined the walls of the green rooms gave cannabis users and music fans alike a glimpse at the Happy Valley experience—as well as a reminder they could take home.

Surfer lady poster for Happy Valley

The Results

  • Nearly 40K fans per day at Boston Calling and over 20K fans per day at Levitate were exposed to the brand.
  • Gave away over 15K premiums including Happy Valley branded hats, journals, lighter cases, t-shirts, and gift cards. 
  • Fans sent over 1,000 postcards to incarcerated individuals who are a part of  the Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit partner of Happy Valley’s that is dedicated to releasing nonviolent cannabis prisoners