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How we got Los Angeles Lakers and Kings fans to root for the Canadians.

Dome building in Nokia Plaza

The Challenge

Turn potential into reality. Travel Alberta knew Los Angeles could be a key market for them but didn’t have any real data about the types of audiences and consumers that would respond well to messages about Alberta. That means not only did we need to find out how much potential was untapped, but we needed to get the info to tap it.

A kiosk with Travel Alberta branding

The Solution

Find the people where they live. Or at least where they hang out. We created an immersive interactive experience at the Staples Center in partnership with the LA Lakers and Kings. Sports fans could answer questions on an iPad and get curated, personalized content about their Alberta vacation delivered to them.

People gather outside with a giant Travel Alberta airplane

The Results

  • Over 40,000 new leads from a previously untapped audience
  • Increase in 8% visitation from the LA market the following year
  • A more robust understanding of the LA market in general for future marketing