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In partnership with our client, we made a great campaign even stronger. Together, we did this!

The Challenge

Fuseideas had developed the “Will. Power.” brand for William Paterson in 2012 and it has successfully driven an increase in awareness and visibility over the years. It’s also become a campus wide rallying cry for students, staff and faculty at the University. After years of campaign success, our William Paterson clients wanted to assess the relevance of “Will. Power.” in the current environment, and explore how it could evolve significantly, especially given the needs of prospective students and the onset of challenges with the pandemic.

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The Insight

Through focus groups and interviews, we found that “Will. Power.” overwhelmingly resonated with various target audiences, but more depth was needed to demonstrate the meaning of “Will. Power.” and how it differentiates WP from its competitors. Our research revealed that prospective students are incredibly motivated and driven to transform their futures and WP’s strength lies in empowering students to achieve that transformation.

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The Solution

We combined the concept of a student’s inner drive with the University’s dedicated faculty, extensive support services and inclusive environment to communicate that WP is equally invested in a student’s success. The campaign brought the student and the University to the forefront as equal partners and paid it off with the campaign tagline: “Together, We’ll Do This.” The campaign was deployed in video for Hulu and other OTT/pre-roll channels, programmatic display, native ads, paid social and paid search.

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The Results

The campaign delivered over 33.5M impressions leading to a 32% YoY increase of undergraduate inquiry action goal completions.