Our Philosophy

The Seven Golden Rules

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Morale is high, personal and professional growth is off the charts and we’re having way too much fun…how do we do it? And still pursue SUCCESS AND GLORY? Here’s how:

  1. Ambition

    Start Yourself.

    Don't wait to be asked.
    Do the stuff you know needs doing.
    Raise your hand.
    Get moving. Get it done.

  2. Perspective

    Be the Audience.

    The only person who really matters is the customer.
    They will decide our success or failure.
    They’ll judge if we were compelling or not. Think like them.

  3. Curiosity

    Why is Always the Spark.

    If you never stop asking,
    You never stop learning.
    Question everything.
    Figure out how it works.

  4. Persistence

    Never Stop, Never Stopping.

    There will be challenges around every corner.
    Push through and keep moving forward.
    If you need to start over, start over.
    Just keep your eyes on the finish line.
    You’ll get there by staying relentless.

  5. Decency

    Be Excellent to One Another.

    We spend a lot of time together.
    And it’s up to us to make that time enjoyable.
    Ultimately, you are the sum of your actions:
    So don’t be a jerk.

  6. Factuality

    Prove It.

    Where’s the data? Assert it only when
    You can support it. Because it’s not about
    What you can claim: it’s about what you
    Can prove. Start in truth. And stay there.

  7. Audacity

    Dare to Go for It.

    Risk is frightening. So is failure.
    Let’s remember that in our profession,
    If you're not taking a risk, you're playing it safe.
    Let's always push ourselves. Glory awaits the brave.