Experiential Marketing and the Human Connection

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Rachel LaManna
by Rachel LaManna
Director of Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing (XM) was created for brands to connect with consumers one-to-one, creating a more authentic engagement through a personal human connection to a brand. These authentic engagements allow us to physically experience through touch, sight and sound – tapping into curiosity and crafting a truly meaningful and memorable experience for each individual. 
From simple set-ups to complex integrated events, these experiences are not just about building brand affinity and awareness. Brands are tapping into visual appeal, unexpected creativity, and emotional attractors like non-profit causes to leverage an individual’s passions and seamlessly fit into their everyday lives. In other words: one way to drive sales is to become a part of someone’s day-to-day routine. It’s an approach that has the potential not only to pay immediate dividends, but to forge a long-lasting relationship with a consumer that’s rooted in something more personal and less transactional.
But it’s not just about the person who participates in the experience. It’s also about making connections that organically feed into the relationships these individuals have with their friends, families, followers…and other subsets of people that start with F. A successful XM event starts with a “one to one” connection, but an XM event that makes a real impact uses a “one-to-one, to many” philosophy.
When you create a more robust experience, you have the potential to amplify the event beyond a couple of minutes spent with one consumer and create impactful, emotional stories that they’ll share with the people in their lives.
Today, there is a LOOK AT ME and LOOK WHAT I DID phenomenon on social media. Lucky for marketers, even paid interactions are being organically shared and flooding people’s Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook feeds. An immersive XM activation serves to transport people who weren’t even there into that experience. Think of it as the Halo Effect made more personal and pushed to a logical conclusion.
In turn, experiences have the power to deepen a consumer’s existing personal relationships and define new connections. Brands become bonding experiences, meaningful shared moments, and exciting common ground where new connections can grow.
This is all due to the simple reality that a real-world interaction remains a powerful way to make a human connection. It’s easier to interact with brands when they have a human face, a voice, a personality. There is no better way to get your brand out there than to become a living, breathing peer for consumers to interact with, and one more connection for them to make.