Microsoft Web Forms Comes To An End

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Rich Malak - Author
by Rich Malak

Over the last 15 years, Fuseideas has built many websites based on Microsoft's ASP.NET Web Forms.  This technology allowed us to build complex features for our sites, such as flight trackers, event planning apps, e-commerce, external tool integrations and many others.  But life is constantly changing, and this is especially true in the world of web development technologies. The latest change: Microsoft has decided to end development and support of the nearly 20 year old Web Forms technology.
On November 10th, Microsoft released .NET 5, the newest version of the .NET framework.  While .NET 5 adds a number of new features and improvements, ASP.NET Web Forms are noticeably missing from this new version. .NET 5 is Microsoft's development framework for the future and it focuses on ASP.NET MVC and Blazor as its web development technologies.  Developers are encouraged to use .NET 5 and ASP.NET MVC for all future development. ASP.NET Web Forms won't disappear anytime soon, but new development tools won’t support it, new programmers won’t study it, and it will not receive any new features or fixes, effectively making it a legacy framework.
In our opinion at Fuseideas, ASP.NET MVC offers a number of improvements over Web Forms. The most important is that it's lightweight, responsive and plays nicely with the modern front-end frameworks we use, such as JQuery, React, Angular and Vue.js.  We also love the full control you have over the URLs and HTML your site uses, which greatly improves SEO and readability.  Another plus is that .NET 5 and ASP.NET MVC are open-source and work on Windows, Linux and macOS, unlike the old .NET Framework which worked only on Windows and greatly limited its adoption.  These pluses add up to a much better visitor and developer experience on your site, but because very few sites are built with ASP.NET MVC, companies and individuals face the daunting task of redesigning and rebuilding websites which have grown bloated.  And to make matters even more complicated, there’s a lack of developers skilled in ASP.NET MVC.
Luckily, Fuseideas can help make this process much easier for you.  Our engineers are very skilled with MVC and we've been building sites in ASP.NET MVC for the last 5 years. We can take any site based on ASP.NET Web Forms and reprogram it in ASP.NET MVC so it is supported, secure and ready for the future.  During the re-development process, our creative team can help with a redesign, so your site looks fresh, contemporary and mobile responsive.  Our content team can help rid your site of bloat by clearing out content no longer needed. Plus we can recommend new content which your site may be missing.  Our SEO team can work with you to make sure your content and design are effective thus allowing your site's search ranking to improve.
We look forward to hearing from you because we’re more than ready to help you through these changes and improve your business for this increasingly digital world.

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