Scoring Points with Fans

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Sam Ellison
by Sam Ellison

Surprise and delight — two of the main tenets of advertising. Coincidentally, they’re two of the main reasons people watch sports. Fans don’t know what’s going to happen during the game, and they have a part of their identity embedded in how their teams do on the field/ice/court/diamond/track/chess board.
And advertisers know it. From stadium naming rights to logos on the front of soccer kits, the world of sports is inundated with ads to the point that it’s borderline ridiculous. Strike that. Completely ridiculous.
But that doesn’t mean that we should stop advertising around sports. After all, outfielders get $330 Million contracts for something. So, as peak sports season approaches, what can brands do to avoid being part of the logo soup that lines the walls of every stadium and postgame show from here to Belarus? Please don’t just slap another logo on it. We’re begging you.
That said, we can take some cues from our old-school step-and-repeat predecessors. Because when consumers show up to a bar, friend’s house, arena, or stadium—they are primed for interaction. They’re already locked in. And that means they’re willing to experience something new. But it also makes it more important than ever that we deliver.
Since our beginnings with ESPN and Adidas, Fuseideas has worked with teams and brands with team partnerships to bring folks the surprise and delight they want from sports—and brands—and done it in a way that’s more valuable than a logo on the jumbotron. Whether it’s entertaining video content, a contest, or an onsite promotion, we have the power to make each activation connect with individuals by giving them something they genuinely want.
It doesn’t have to be elaborate. In fact, simplicity is key. All a promotion has to do is add some kind value to the overall fan experience. Because when the clock hits all zeroes, what matters most is the game. What does that mean for your brand? It means be comfortable in the passenger seat, but don’t be passive. Just be creative. Think about how unique experiences can work with your brand and provide something fans can tell their friends about.