The Brands Within a Brand

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Sam Ellison
by Sam Ellison

We’ve all seen them at the convenience store: Dozens of compartments dedicated to adventure storylines, childhood nostalgia, wordplay, local sports, and more. Vendors design lottery tickets to appeal to diverse audiences by using narratives and themes that appeal to different groups. And lottery commissions bring those styles into their offerings to broaden their reach. It’s a really simple way of making a human connection. But what does that mean for lottery brands?
This presents a major opportunity. The creative we produce can speak in different voices, use different styles of content creation, and tell different stories while still living under the brand umbrella for a lottery. Then, we can use strategic media planning to target the audiences each game is made for. That way, as we continually develop marketing, we only intersect with the audiences we want and make our connections even more effective, all without worrying that someone will see the product and think it’s not for them. To top it all off, an overarching Lottery brand is designed to support these stories and make them feel like part of a greater whole.
Other consumer brands can learn something from this. At its core, each ticket is a themed game that allows players to scratch off a sequence of game plays for a chance to win cash or prizes. That’s the product. The place is in a local retailer designed for maximum visibility. The price varies, and with it, the prize. So in essence, lottery tickets are similar products with the target audience built in to the story.
If we extrapolate, that means we can use strategic targeting, creative media planning, and exciting messaging to sell the same basic product to a variety of consumers without alienating any one particular audience—and while staying true to the core tenets of your brand.