The Fitness Industry Adjusts to Its New Normal

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Samantha Vogl
by Samantha Vogl
Senior Account Manager

COVID-19 has greatly impacted many businesses during this time. One of the largest industries to have taken a hit is gyms. They were one of the first businesses to shut down during the quarantine because of their high traffic areas. Owners were forced to close their doors, leaving them uneasy and concerned about how they will manage to stay afloat.
In addition to gym owners, gym-goers are in a panic for a number of reasons. They aren’t sure how to work in their exercise activities. They can’t find equipment to purchase. And their daily routines are out of sync. However, they are slowly finding ways to do their workouts at home.
They’re learning how to utilize items and workout equipment within their households. If they are lucky enough to obtain new gym gear, they’re learning about the convenience of at-home workouts. Fitness enthusiasts with families, hectic work schedules and on-the-go travelers, have all realized they can accomplish their fitness goals remotely.
Could all of this change the fitness industry forever? Many would say yes, primarily because COVID-19 has created such a fear of being exposed to germs in public. So, how can gym owners continue to service their members during this time of lock down?
Here are some new tactics that have shown success: transitioning to virtual memberships, creating YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook live classes, and developing at-home fitness and nutrition programs for clientele. Being dedicated, supportive, creative, and consistent during this time will give current and potential members more confidence in their gyms. Plus, offering new, fun, and healthy content via blogs, emails, and newsletters will help people separate themselves from the negative news and chaos that still continues.
Creating diversified programs will be attractive to new and current members. Development of progressive programs will allow people to reach new goals. Designing these programs will provide more direction and structure for an individual than ever before. And all of this will help someone stay motivated and on track.
How can gyms diversify themselves and provide members the content they need? They need to turn to marketing to promote their new programs. The more consumers see something, the more likely they are to get on board. Providing relevant content and being in constant communication through online presence is a must. While being forced to stay at home, people are continuously searching the web, looking for new information and finding new experiences.
In order to be a successful gym owner in the virtual world, you need to improve your website functionality as well as your social media presence. Now is the time to create a media campaign to promote everything your gym can offer. Ads are important, but video is king. Many people enjoy watching videos with voiceover narration instead of reading a lot of content. So, get ready. If you find new ways to actively engage with fitness enthusiasts, you’ll take your business to the next level of success.