Connecticut Lottery

Indelible Numbers

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Knowing everyone has a lucky number, helped increase lottery sales numbers.

The Challenge

In addition to maintaining statewide visibility for its games, the Connecticut Lottery asked the agency to help increase the enjoyment of playing one of their older Draw Games, Cash5. However, some people find it intimidating to select numbers in order to play Draw Games. And some don’t want to take advantage of “easy pick” which has the terminal do the choosing. So, selecting numbers can be a barrier to playing and who knows, maybe even winning.

The Insight

When thinking about people and numbers, we realized that all of us have numbers that are important to our stories, our histories, our lives. Those certain, meaningful numbers are a permanent part of our human experience. They are lasting and they are indelible.

The Solution

The idea of indelible numbers became a powerful platform for storytelling. We decided to bring this concept to life by watching two ordinary, but wonderful people go through the years together. From high school sweethearts to newlyweds to expectant parents, we followed them and saw how certain numbers came to be their special numbers. By creating a “home movie” for our characters, we also created some magic around playing the Lottery.

Cash5 sales in 2018 reached record levels, contributing $10 million to general fund payments, and growing to represent 2.5% of total net sales. With more than a million winning tickets sold each year, it was ample proof that people were finding their own indelible numbers to be winners!