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Plus One Program

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Helping adults become students again taught us a valuable lesson.

The Challenge

Northeastern University needed an integrated marketing campaign for their new Information Technology Plus One Program. This would be a unique opportunity for adult learners to go back to college, finish their Bachelor’s Degree and move on to an accelerated track for their Masters. The University asked the agency to utilize the school’s parent branding but to also create new and exciting messaging for their audience of adult learners. And just to make things really interesting, the Plus One Program was still in development while we were building the campaign. We love a good challenge!

The Insight

It was important to understand the emotions of our target market. These adult students faced many obstacles; fear of failure, of not understanding the new and ever-changing tech curriculum, of not being able to adapt to college life and most importantly, finding the time and money it would take to complete their courses and graduate. We had to communicate that Northeastern was committed to helping them every step of the way, including flexibility of on-campus and online classes and the support of staff and faculty. We knew we had to inspire students and help them find the confidence they needed to succeed.

The Solution

In addition to designing an online informational hub, we developed marketing materials to support fundraising, scholarship programs and overall Plus One awareness in the higher education environment. But what we were proudest of was the creation of personal testimonial documentaries featuring two amazing Northeastern Bachelor of Completion Program graduates.

Carla, a woman who spent years working in IT but couldn’t advance her career without getting her NEU degree and Matt, a young man who used his Marine Corps training to land an invaluable real world co-op placement, gave us their time and their stories. Carla and Matt’s inspiring journeys will serve as living proof that anyone can return to college, finish what they started and go on to achieve their dreams.

We were thrilled to be part of Northeastern University’s dedicated adult learning programs that help students face their fears and realize their full potential. Suffice to say, we learned a lot too.

Preview of Northeastern University Plus One Program keynote presentation