Tri-State Lottery


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Uncovering the core truth of a brand is a powerful thing. Sometimes, it’s worth millions.

The Problem

Following several record-level jackpots with Powerball and Megabucks, interest in smaller jackpot games such as the regional TriState Megabucks waned. In the face of “jackpot fatigue” the TriState Lotto needed to find a way to boost lagging sales.

The Insight

In examining the fact that TriState Megabucks does make millionaires (In fact, 300 in the past 3 decades!), we realized that in every case there was a moment when each person first recognized that they had won. From this, we developed a campaign based on that magic moment.

The Solution

Fuseideas developed a strategy that was deceptively simple. Despite the fact that TriState Megabucks winning jackpots were typically just a few million dollars vs. the hundreds of millions of dollars in larger national games, there is one inescapable and meaningful fact that we could create focus on: Megabucks Makes Millionaires. By placing the focus on this experience, we rendered the number of millions won irrelevant.