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Tourism had been declining steadily for over a decade. Even worse, fewer and fewer people were wearing Bermuda shorts.

The Challenge

Known for pink sand beaches and little else, Bermuda faced a decade of declining air arrivals. Yet an extremely high repeat visitation rate (over 65%) revealed a powerful magnetism in this destination. Many repeat visitors named cuisine, arts, history, and other elements as factors behind their decisions. We needed to realign consumer perceptions and prepare visitors for an experience beyond their imaginations.

The Bermuda website on a desktop computer
The Bermuda website up on a laptop

The Solution

Driven by research and an intensive brand strategy, the “So Much More” brand campaign would resonate with visitors while evolving over time. A year-one launch was able to dispel myths about Bermuda. This was followed by a more personalized, interest-driven approach that encompassed print, TV, digital and social media. The results made a splash with a 12% leisure visitor increase seen in the first year alone.

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The Results

The results made a splash with a 12% leisure visitor increase in the first year. Traffic to the U.S. and United Kingdom websites increased 300%. Our social media program drove a 1,500% increase in total engagements. Our expanded use of precisely targeted digital advertising resulted in tens of thousands of additional responses (click thrus), and new landing pages and website feature content helped generate 10% greater page views on the Bermuda websites.

The Bermuda website up on a phone and tablet