Bose Professional

Singer Songwriter

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Bose needed a refresh for their line of portable PA speakers. With our help, they were going places.

The Challenge

Generate awareness for the variety of Bose Pro products that appeal to individual musicians, rather than their traditional niche of venue/event audio. The S1 Pro and L1 were very different—one new and exciting, one popular but in need of a refresh. We needed a campaign that would support both.

The Insight

The best way to see how an audio product can work to meet your needs is to show it in action. Once you know what the product is capable of, buying it is an easy decision to make.

The Solution

We worked with a busker and a well-known singer/songwriter and took the Bose products on the road. Through performer testimonials and live-action demos, we were able to show how the S1 and L1 systems brought new life to music, and provided a simple, intuitive way for musicians to get professional-quality sound. Then, we let the performers do their thing and put the products to the test, all with a phenomenal soundtrack.