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Sound Too Good to Waste on Walls

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Helping an audio giant make some noise in the marketplace.

The Challenge

Bose Professional, despite being part of a well-known consumer electronics company, still had a lot to prove in the pro audio/engineered sound market. In December 2016, Bose Professional launched ShowMatch DeltaQ Array Loudspeakers. This was a major step forward in its engineered sound product offering and was a prime example of the company’s commitment to innovation and design.

Bose Professional Print ad for ShowMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers

The Insight

Bose Professional sometimes suffered from Bose being a top-notch consumer electronics company. Their home audio products are revolutionary but industry experts questioned how this could be extended to the professional market.

Online display ads for ShowMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers.

The Solution

“Sound Too Good to Waste on the Walls” addressed a common challenge for sound engineers and immediately featured a key differentiator of the product. With ShowMatch, engineers could customize/modify the speaker wave guides in each speaker array to direct the sound to the audience and provide the best possible listening experience. The Fuseideas campaign ran in industry print publications, digital banner ad display units with pre-roll video, and paid social. All campaign elements directed consumers to our dedicated landing page.

In its first year of launch, ShowMatch built notable interest and recognition in the industry worldwide, including being chosen as “Best New Audio Product” by rAVe Media and receiving PSN Europe’s “Best in Show” award for 2017. Music to our ears.