Boston Bruins

Winter Classic

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Some people call it a Jersey. Others call it a sweater. We call it a Winter Classic.

The Challenge

Launch the Bruins’ 2019 Bridgestone Winter Classic Throwback jersey in a way that people wouldn’t forget. Working with the Bruins is a fantastic opportunity, so we were excited to take this thing on. Oh, just one more thing: we have to drive sales to one location of one store in one place: the ProShop in TD Garden. To reach gear junkies and casual fans alike, we needed to do something cool. So you know what? We did.

Winter Classic jersey displayed in the Bruins Pro Shop

The Insight

Bruins fans love their history. So we reached back in time to the days of the Original Six for something that would make them proud.

Examples of Instagram posts featuring the Winter Classic jersey
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The Solution

We showed off the jersey in a way no one expected with a campaign that embraced the spirit of hockey and the Bruins’ storied history. Then we brought it to the fans in the Pro Shop. The “Frozen in Time” campaign included Video, Digital, Social and a 40 by 40 block of ice with a jersey frozen inside. We displayed the frozen jersey in the Pro Shop, and that’s when sales started to heat up.