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A Critical Need

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Our client wanted to help students with behavioral health issues, we helped them CONNECT.

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The Challenge

Christie Campus Health shared with Fuseideas their solution to strengthen the way colleges and universities support students with behavioral health issues. CCH created CONNECT@COLLEGE, a customizable program that expands a school’s counseling center capacity in order to reach and help more students in need. A worthy, much-needed solution but with a modest to no measurable track record (due to the newness of the product), so the greatest challenge would be building brand awareness.

In working with CCH, Fuseideas quickly realized there were two audiences to address. First, administrators who were overwhelmed by an increase in the number of students suffering from anxiety and depression. They had tried to provide assistance by simply adding more counseling staff, but that wasn’t the answer. Second, the students needed access to help that would be immediate and dependable, but they also wanted anonymity. In order to talk to these two groups, the agency would need to develop a comprehensive, wraparound plan with messaging that focused on partnership, support and empathy. With more and more students seeking counseling every day, there wasn’t a moment to lose.

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The Insight

Our key insight was to address both audiences with an inclusive message of action. To administrators, we said, “students need your help and CONNECT@COLLEGE lets you extend behavioral healthcare on your campus in a way that allows you to reach more students with expanded, enveloping 365/24/7 care.” Through our research and discovery process, Fuseideas uncovered the universities’ understandable concerns about affordability, accountability and risk. The agency also understood that the students were confused, scared and needed support “where they live.” In other words, online.

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The Solution

Fuseideas worked with CCH to support the launch of their new product, CONNECT@COLLEGE, which aimed to instill the idea of access for students by giving them the tools and options to obtain real-time answers at any time of day or night. We helped position the product as a proactive “Wellness Hub” that would provide much needed help via mobile, laptop or phone access to healthcare support. Fuseideas tackled the initial lead generation challenge and helped CCH connect with Higher Education decision makers. Once we sold in the product, we created student facing collateral, brand messaging, website design, and SEO solutions as well.