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We taught lightbulbs, showerheads and thermostats how to dance. Our clients said “bravo.”

The Challenge

Our utility client, National Grid, sought our help with their e-commerce platform called The Marketplace. They asked the agency to develop a customer-centric retail marketing campaign that would raise awareness, boost consumer engagement and drive sales of their energy-efficient products.

The Insight

Marketplace’s products are designed to fit seamlessly into consumers’ lives, making their homes more comfortable and efficient. And at the same time, helping conserve energy to benefit the environment. These products are an integral part of a smart home ecosystem and deserve to be celebrated and brought to life.

The Solution

Fuseideas created three :15 second videos featuring a specific product category: LED lighting, water-saving showerheads and smart thermostats. With the help of a Boston-based animation production company, 3D animations of each product were built and brought to life through CGI movement set to classical music. Giving the products not only a personality but a sense of elegance, style, drama and high energy where appropriate.

The Results

  • Cross-screen pre-roll video generated 4,800,510 completed views from 5,308,519 video starts (total 90.43% completion rate)
  • Overall 90% completion rate outperformed the industry benchmark of 85%
  • Mobile 91% completion rate outperformed the industry benchmark of 78%
  • Desktop 95% completion rate outperformed the industry benchmark of 74%
  • Secondary KPI: Overall 0.61% CTR outperformed the industry benchmark of 0.18%
  • CTV video generated 1,633,236 completed views from 1,654,696 video starts (total 99% completion rate)
  • Overall 99% completion rate out-performed the industry benchmark of 97%
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