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Showing our energy clients that loving your home is a lifelong relationship.

The Challenge

Our utility client, National Grid, sought our help with their e-commerce platform called The Marketplace. They asked the agency to develop a customer-centric retail marketing campaign that would raise awareness, boost consumer engagement and drive sales of their energy-efficient products.

The Insight

Home is everything. It’s there when we need it, in good times and bad. The products National Grid offers in the Marketplace are a way for people to show they love their home, and deepen that relationship with energy-saving products that help the planet.

The Solution

Fuseideas created a cohesive retail brand for The Marketplace built to drive affinity. That started with a brand spot that featured a love letter to our homes. We used emotional storytelling to showcase all the ways home serves us well, and positioned the Marketplace as a way for families to return the favor.

We also embraced the full-funnel approach, creating three :15 second videos featuring a specific product category: LED lighting, water-saving showerheads and smart thermostats. These dancing products were an engaging way to promote Marketplace products in social. In the end, it was all love. Through sponsored content, blogs, and email marketing, we were able to deepen the connection with the brand across touch points.

The Results

  • We were able to drive more awareness and brand preference in the first full year of our Marketplace re-brand.

  • Fuseideas’ media team was able to negotiate over $140,000 in paid media added value in the 2021 Marketplace campaign; including a Kantar brand lift study to track consumer sentiment over a 6 month period.

  • Brand studies showed a 10.6% lift in perception that National Grid Marketplace is your trusted home energy advisor

  • Aided brand awareness for The Marketplace jumped by 7.3%

  • We saw a 20% increase in total Marketplace transactions from 2020 to 2021

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