Shenandoah County

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To get people to stay away from a perfect place, we had to remind them how perfect it is.

The Challenge

As social and travel restrictions kicked in at the dawn of the COVID-19 crisis, our clients in Shenandoah County Tourism wanted to accomplish two things:

  • Encourage support of local businesses, while urging County residents to practice safe distancing;
  • Remind those in the DC and Northern Virginia areas to stay home—while reminding them the untouched beauty of Shenandoah would still be here, when the time was right.

The Insight

Reminding locals and visitors alike of the untouched charm of this one-of-a-kind community begins with showing them the landscapes, activities, and the sights they cherish.

SUV driving through rural Shenandoah County

The Solution

We quickly created a video—from existing and previously shot footage—showcasing not only the County’s natural beauty, but the irreplaceable local businesses that make Shenandoah so unique. A voiceover reminded viewers to “stay safe” by staying home, while striking the hopeful note that—before too long—we’d all be back enjoying what makes this place unlike any other.