San Francisco International Airport


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A display ad of headphones with baggage claim ticket

The Challenge

San Francisco International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the country, came to Fuseideas and asked us to help them tell a more complete, unified brand story. In addition, SFO needed our expertise to help them expand their marketing support for their concession partners. That meant capturing the quality of merchandise and dining options available throughout the airport and encouraging travelers to enjoy them as part of their SFO experience. A great collaboration was set to take-off.

Airport wall advertisement

The Insight

When people are traveling through an airport, they focus on certain steps they have to take. Like downloading a boarding pass, going through security and checking in at the gate. Why not present them with an enjoyable routine to follow? Like buying something from a concession or grabbing a bite to eat or finding a book to read. Visualizing this process, through our Bag Tag Barcode campaign would be a way to remind travelers that spending time in SFO can be fun, satisfying and enriching.

Research provided us with an additional insight: People use their phones and devices to access travel information, so they are receptive to messages that provide a better traveling experience.

SFO web banners

The Solution

Fuseideas’ recommended a four-part campaign: a) A micro-targeted mobile digital campaign with Simpli.Fi that would allow us to deliver customized ads to customers in 7 precise zones inside SFO’s terminals. These would be specific messages about concessions near them based on their GPS location. b) An in-terminal, brand image transit campaign using graphically-arresting banners c) A digital campaign with Adara delivering messages to people in the Bay Area identified by their recent search for travel information on airline and travel websites, like Known Traveler. d) Geo-targeted paid social media was also recommended. Campaign specific landing pages were created, fully integrating the creative strategy used with the in-terminal signs and displays

How did all this fly? Pretty high! The micro-targeting campaign delivered more than 48 thousand conversions (measured by people served a mobile ad who then entered a concession location as per GPS tracking). Cost per conversion was just $1.00. The Known Traveler campaign achieved a Click-Thru Rate of .27%, with messages delivered to people about to travel. Paid social media generated more than 3,200 clicks with a CTR of .42%. Overall campaign impressions exceeded 16.2 million.