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MLB Network Brings Fans Closer To Their Favorite Personalities.

Fan approaches podium for photo

The Challenge

MLB Network has enlisted the help of Fuseideas for the past 11 years to connect with the most passionate Baseball fans at the league’s biggest in-season event, the MLB All-Star Game. MLB Network wanted to give fans an opportunity to step behind the MLB Network broadcast desk with their favorite on-air personalities.

The Insight

Baseball fans are some of the most die-hard and passionate fans around. The fans that attend the All-Star Game take that to the next level. These fans are constantly consuming MLB content, they can’t get enough. TV personalties and analysts (some of which are former players) are like royalty to these fans. Giving them an opportunity to step into their shoes will create a memory that no baseball fan will soon forget.

The Solution

Fuseideas assisted MLB Network with a photo activation, giving fans the chance to stand next to their favorite MLB Network personalities. Fans were able to put on an official MLB Network broadcast jacket and step behind an actual broadcast desk. MLB Network had their talent at the booth on a rotating schedule for photo ops with fans. During the times when there was no live talent, Fuseideas gave fans the ability to pick their favorite TV personality to have them virtually superimposed into their picture. Fans also took some time to relax in the MLB Network lounge and take in some MLB Network programming.

The Results

2019 (Cleveland): 2,336 Fan Photos Taken over (5) Days
Total since 2009 (11 years of activation): 32,367 Photos Taken