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A sole that gives you back all the energy you give it? Talk about the ultimate co-worker.

The Challenge

Timberland, legendary footwear pioneer, was launching a new family of safety footwear featuring a brand new comfort platform: StepPropell ENERGY RETURN TECHNOLOGY—an “energy return system” that sends back energy to the foot with every step. In support of the launch, Timberland needed to create a compelling sizzle video to introduce the new system.

The Insight

With this new, technology and physics-based system—aimed at male and female blue-collar professionals (aged 25-44) in construction, trades, manufacturing, warehousing, landscaping—we knew we had to show what made the product so special. And show it a way that was as persuasive as it was dramatic.

StepPropell technical graphics

The Solution

We created custom animation that literally takes the viewer down to the level of the elements within the revolutionary StepPropel Energy Return sole: minuscule beads, fused together with steam to create a material that not only holds energy, but actually returns it to the wearer. Making every step an energizing experience. Our dynamic visualization captured not only the functionality of the footwear, but the kinetic feeling of energy—and style—in this breakthrough footwear.

Preview from tech demo: Tech that moves with you